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I Experienced The Comedy Knights: 17 Black, Sarah Zerafa And More Shockingly Hilarious Christmas Banter - Lovinmalta.com

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Comedy Knights Let's Talk About Six! Review  as seen on LovinMalta.com https://lovinmalta.com/lifestyle/things-to-do/i-experienced-the-comedy-knights-lets-talk-about-six-stand-up-in-malta-and-heres-why-i-think-you-should-go/Author profile image

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Bormla babes turn on the Ballutta Boys, Chris Cardona traumatised Michelle’s on-heat rabbits, and The SMEGMA conference heralded a new breed of robot, the Maltese hunter.

This is Malta in 2018; according to The Comedy Knights, of course.

The Comedy Knights: Let’s Talk About Six! graced the Maltese Christmas holidays once more, but this time came back with an overly-emphasised message: they only want to make us laugh. They want us to laugh during the sketch on how landlords screw over their tenants, they want us to laugh when showing off how goddam wealthy the lavish rich are getting, and they want us to laugh when making that yeast joke about Michelle.

Hardy har har.

And we do. We laugh so much that we’re not only crying but we’re making cringey honking sounds that the entire theatre can hear. And this theatre is filled with every work colleague we’ve ever had, and they’re hearing this whale-laugh that only should belong on an ‘Ugly Betty’ episode. So we continue to laugh, because we already can’t ever be seen in public again.

When they tell us to cry ‘Joseph’ with acclamation into the microphone, we let out our inner Zanishielle and yell our Prime Minister’s name with all the enthusiasm we can muster. When Pia Zammit’s Michelle gets us to shout ‘Joseph re-sign’ we do that too. She holds up her phone to the audience and we scream to a fake Joseph Muscat to re-sign because Michelle’s own signature is easily forged.

Note: as you join in on this sketch, you may hope he’ll hear you all the way from Italy. But he won’t, so you’ll just have to sit back down in your seat.

The Comedy Knights Team

The cast of The Comedy Knights

Why are we so involved in the show? Because on the drive here we had to pass through Rudolf Street and see crane after crane (aftercraneaftercraneaftercrane). As we walked to the theatre’s minibar, the area was so packed with people that it started to look like Comino. And during the intermission, we heard so many uwejja? mela!‘s that we thought that these people were all auditioning for a part in the comedy.

“This highlights the importance of satire in society. It allows us cathartic release yes, but more importantly, it allows us to look at ourselves from the ‘outside’ and to laugh at how absurd we can be as a society. We understand that providing satire is a responsibility. And we do have fun!”

We’re pretty much done crying about these things. Pia Zammit told Lovin Malta that “judging by the audience response these last two days, it seems that people have been desperate for cathartic belly-laughs. We can almost sense their relief!”

The Comedy Knights: Let’s Talk About Six! is not an attack on Maltese demagoguery, but a feel-good chuckle at the spectacle that’s become our country. From politics, to business ethics, to dealing with foreigners and Sarah Zerafa, the show included all things that have become part of Maltese life.

Oh, and Sarah Zerafa laughed too. From the front row under her French beret, faux (we hope) fur coat and glistening diamond earrings that confused the actors – who even used those as their light cues at times – Sarah Zerafa took on the jokes about her with a pinch of salt and good humour.

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Sarah Zerafa’s Instagram story on The Comedy Knights show


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