Busuttil gets the 'knot' award at Comedy Nights, after losing out to some cold pie new york, we love new york

Busuttil gets the 'knot' award at Comedy Nights, after losing out to some cold pie

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The Comedy Knights yesterday welcomed Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil to the stage to collect a very special Comedy Knights Award, during a sketch featuring Jo Caruana and Steve Hili. 

The award – which Busuttil won following “a competition” with a cold pie – was a small replica of the knot monument outside Auberge de Castile which Hili described as “a turd”.

"Busuttil was a fantastic sport as he joined the actors on stage, and later popped backstage to congratulate the whole Comedy Knights team on the success of the show," the Comedy Knights said.

The politically charged comedy evening also featured Pia Zammit in a spectacular rendition of Michelle Muscat and Chris Dingli as Simon Busuttil.

When asked to comment following his award, Busuttil jokingly said that “it was getting too hot on stage”.

The Comedy Knights: Three Times Funnier is currently approaching the end of its run at the Salesians Theatre in Sliema. Its final shows will be performed this weekend, with an extra performance having recently been added on Sunday due to popular demand.

The Comedy Knights stars Pia Zammit, Marc Cabourdin, Jo Caruana, Chris Dingli, Thomas Zammit, Steve Hili, Colin Fitz and Larissa Bonaci.

It is produced by TAC Theatre and directed by Wesley Ellul. Tickets are available from www.comedyknights.com

As published on Malta Today.com.mt https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/arts/theatre_and_dance/60874/comedy_knights_welcome_special_guest_on_stage#.XbLXRZMzbjA

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