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Organise an Awesome Staff Party This Holiday Season

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Why Your Staff Party Sucks And What To Do About It.

Let me guess, this year for your staff party you're going to a restaurant and then drinks, right?
Same as you do every year? Maybe dancing at some point if people aren't too tired.
Sound familiar?
Why not shake things up a little (without breaking the bank) and this year, have the best staff party ever?

What's All This About Then?

Are you on a budget but looking for a great staff party idea?
Are you looking for a way to treat your employees this Christmas?
Who else wants to have an unforgettable staff party this year?
Come to a comedy show!
Think about it, alcohol, laughter and an hour or so of local, topical humour and naughty jokes that will have you laughing all night. This is adult entertainment that's tongue-in-cheek and guaranteed to give you a great time.

What Do We Get?

We can give you best-choice discounted seats (not available to the public), a private bar area after the show, free parking and any extras you, your boss and your budget will allow!
After you've parked your cars in our car park, you can come enjoy a welcome drink before being led to your reserved seats just before the show starts.
You'll then be treated to a show by the funniest local comedy performers (no beginners here, only top names).
We can guarantee a great night of comedy, with our personal service, great performers and the best possible atmosphere.

Sounds Perfect But What Does This All Cost?

Well it costs nothing to call!
Seriously though, it depends on the group size and what you want from the evening.
Look, we know that organising a staff party can be hard work so we have a variety of packages to choose from to suit your party’s budget and availability. Just give us a call (we're very nice) and we'll sort out something that we're all happy with. We promise it won't break the bank or cost an arm and a leg.
Listen, you can always turn us down and go back to the usual staff party that you have every year. No hard feelings!
Make sure your party is the talk of the office by providing the best possible night for your colleagues. The Comedy Knights is a great way to make sure your staff party is different, fun and most of all, unforgettable.

Sounds Perfect But What Does This All Cost?

We're very flexible and can provide these as extras:
Canapés on arrival
Glass of champagne on arrival
Drink vouchers
Finger food during the interval
We are even able to offer small off-site 'after parties', or we can even help you with other venues.

I'm In! Where Do I Sign Up?

Call us on 99467243. Speak to Marc. He'll help and he has a sexy french accent.

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