26.12.2023 - 07.01.2024

Comedy Knights: HA HA HA XI!

Get Ready our 11th Annual Side-Splitting SHOW - with More laughs, more fun in a Venue you all love!

26.12.2023 - 07.01.2024

Comedy Knights: HA HA HA XI!

Get Ready our 11th Annual Side-Splitting SHOW - with More laughs, more fun in a Venue you all love!

Location: Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta, Msida

Website: http://www.facebook.com/events/7046906808710523/7046906838710520

'They Kill Me... Every...' ***** Sharon Caruana
'I Love their new venue - It...' ***** Dorothy borg

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Presenting our 11th Annual Side-Splitting SHOW - Tickets on Public Sale from 5th November at 945 am!

A huge "Uwejja!" for that!

We're back with your annual dose of Comedy Knights driven laughter: The Comedy Knights: Ha Ha HA XI (that's Roman numerals for 11 – hamallu!) We're lighting up Christmas at the iconic Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta.

Brace yourself for a laugh-a-minute rollercoaster! With the comedic genius of Chris Dingli, Pia Zammit, Steve Hili, Francesca Scerri, Colin Fitz, John Montanaro, Naomi Said, and James Ryder, we guarantee chuckles that will last you well into the new year!

What’s in store? A fresh, hilarious concoction of satire, social commentary, and pure silliness.

Given the feedback we received last year, we’re sticking with the unique Sir Temi Zammit Hall because:

- Central location  
- Easy to access by Car or Bus 
- Plenty FREE parking
- Every seat is THE best seat!
- An intimate atmosphere for non-stop laughs 

And guess what? Our tickets remain pocket-friendly, starting at just €10 plus a nominal booking fee.

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  • Sir Chris Dingli

    Sir Chris Dingli

    Sir Chris of the Dingli has travelled far and wide slaying audiences with his wit and jesting abilities. His recent endeavours have seen him hailed as a Bad Dad and as a jester on the stand-up comedy circuit. He has also pleased the general public in shows such as Rock of Ages and The Odd Couple. He is in high demand at various courts for his abilities as a comedic wordsmith for both stage and screen. 2017 is set to be a busy year for Sir Chris as he unleashes brand new shows upon the domain! Those who would follow him had better nd him on Facebook (Chris Dingli) or on Twitter (@DingliTweets) or at his fortress on the web: www.christopherdingli.com

  • Lady Pia Zammit

    Lady Pia Zammit

    It is not the 1st time Lady Pia has done comic battle on the stage, for she has won the hearts of many in comedies such as ‘Allo ‘Allo, You’ve Got Hate Mail and Fatboy! The major mystery that shrouds Lady Pia is that what goes into her cleavage is never seen again! Join her this year on stage as she brings more surprises and causes more mayhem! By day, Lady Pia battles onwards and upwards on her quest to hone the nation’s Public Speaking skills, by night she is a civil society activist - or an actor, depending on the day of the week! Find her on instagram @piazammit

  • Sir Colin Fitz

    Sir Colin Fitz

    Lord Colin Fitz has jestered and minstrelled in the musicals Rock of Ages, The Rocky Horror Show, Il-Kbir Ghadu Gej, Kiss Me Kate, South Pacific and Cabaret. He has also caroused in the pantomimes Robin Hood meets the Babes in the Wood, Cinderella and The Curse of Snow White and comedies Bla Kommixin 3, My First Time, ’Allo ’Allo, Are You Being Served, All the Great Books, The Odd Couple, Yes, Prime Minister and Arsenic and Old Lace. He once used sorcery and witchcraft to ensure he was awarded the MADC Most Promising Actor Award. He is fond of banqueting, wenches, history and classic cars, and is a daily town crier on Campus FM radio.

  • Sir Steve Hili

    Sir Steve Hili

    Lord Steve is actually a real lord. That is true. He found out that you can actually buy a lordship title for like £10. So he did. He thought it would open up a world of opportunities and his life would become one big party with him hanging out in the upper echelons of society and wielding loads of in uence. Bargain for a tenner, right? Apart from being taken in by scams, Steve does lots of comedy stu too, like dong stand up all over Europe, and writing and directing the annual adult panto in summer. Oh and he has just released a book called ‘State of the Nation’ all about what being Maltese is like. Buy it. Go on. Go on.. Go ON!

  • Lady Francesca Scerri

    Lady Francesca Scerri

  • Sir James Ryder

    Sir James Ryder

    Sir James of the house of Ryder, is one of Malta’s veteran Stand-up comedians, and hath been rocking the barracks for 9 years here in the Isles of Malta, as well as the mystical land Samurai and sushi, with the clan Tokyo Comedy Store. It wasn’t until his stint in TAC theatre’s “Rock of Ages” that his love for the amphitheatre grew amass. This year, he will be taking the helm within the Comedy Knights Family for the first time. No written word in history can muster what antics that be expect from him.